Nov 28, 2007

Absolutely freakin' adorable

Here's Miranda dancing with Mary Margaret, the daughter of some dear friends of ours from the ASP community. This was taken at the commitment celebration of two other ASP friends, Jeff and Ashley. It was a lovely and moving time spent celebrating the love and journey of two people. Plus the hot cider and pumpkin cookies were excellent. And the music was awesome, as clearly shown!


Janet said...

Hey, I know those girls! Great pic - mind if I copy it to my blog? :)

Maria Kenney said...

That's where I stole it! Oops, should I have asked first? I'm sorry!

Janet said...

Good grief. I forgot I'd already put it on mine. Does Mommy Brain NEVER go away? No problem. I knew I had seen it, but I thought maybe it was one of the ones Heather had posted.