Dec 1, 2007

semi-meaningless post concerning high school and the present

I saw this on a friend's blog, and thought it was interesting (in one of those meaningless ways). If you want, add yours in the comments section. I want to know more about you!

5 things I liked in high school that I don't like now:
  1. purple eye shadow (why didn't anyone tell me how I really looked with that stuff on?)
  2. Wham, Culture Club, and Reba McEntire
  3. Big hair, Texas-style (that is, really big hair, especially the bangs)
  4. Ronald Reagan
  5. white wicker furniture

5 things I didn't like in high school that I still don't like

  1. getting up before 8am
  2. writing papers for school
  3. pretensious or snobby people (probably because I was something of a nerd, and still am)
  4. The Canterbury Tales (I'll keep trying, though)
  5. very tailored clothing

5 things I liked in high school that I still like now

  1. Prince, Violent Femmes, and George Strait
  2. denim miniskirts (still one of my favorite items of clothing)
  3. long hair (as long as it's not too big)
  4. dressing up for special occasions, and staying up late with good friends
  5. Rocky Horror Picture Show and Monty Python's Holy Grail

5 things I didn't like in high school that I do like now

  1. commemorating special occasions, such as graduations (for some reason, I was more averse to this back then, much to my parents' rightful disappointment)
  2. spending time with my sister (Ok, that sounds harsh, but you know how sisters can be in high school -- it's ruthless! And now she's truly a best friend.)
  3. drinking beer (really, I hated it in high school, it was wine coolers back then)
  4. learning languages (I hated studying French at Lubbock High, but now I'd enjoy it)
  5. The thought of being in my 30's -- sounded dreadful, but it's great


Janet said...

Well, it just goes to show how much YOUNGER you are than I am. Prince didn't hit the scene until after I was well out of high school. But it's all good. My eye shadow of choice was blue. Shiny blue. (Again, a product of the 70s.) I think there aren't any pictures of me wearing it though, for which we are truly thankful.

Janet said...

Oh, yeah, like the new background. Much easier on the old (and I mean that literally) eyes.