Dec 10, 2007

Smash the Capitalist Tithe System!

We've always feared that Miranda would eventually be co-opted by the radical anarchists in our midst, like these hooligans. But who knew that her convictions would lead her to take such direct action? And at such a young age? Darin, did you take her aside during your visit and give her a tutorial?

Last night at the fellowship gathering, she decisively smashed the wooden box which has, faithfully and over many years, collected the modest but earnestly given tithes of our community. So... underestimate the power and ideals of the young at your peril. And keep all your breakables at a level that her ever-growing arms can't reach.


Janet said...

Yes, Mary Margaret can reach the bar now - it was the last safe place. We now do not have enough high surfaces in our house.

Lazymom said...

Go Miranda Go!!!! Spread your subversive ideals to the masses.