Dec 14, 2007

Our little missional, feminist, classically trained, philosophically postmodern wunchie

As a 2 yr old, Miranda is presently doing all sorts of things she shouldn't do -- mashing her food, trying to flush things down the toilet, taking off her diaper and peeing in her crib, etc etc. However, one thing she doesn't usually do is mess with the many, many books that we have in the house. With the exception of the shelf that holds her books, she tends to leave the rest alone. So, I took notice yesterday morning when she began to remove books from "Mommy and Daddy's books". I was reluctant to stymie her interest in anything literary, so I just asked her to not rip the pages, and to stack them up for me when she was done. She happily complied, and everyone was happy.

After she moved on to another activity, I started to replace the books when, intrigued by the ones she had chosen, I lined them up on the shelf and took this picture:

Here are the titles she selected, not necessarily in order of importance:

Yes, we're expecting the call from Bryn Mawr any day now.

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MeesheMama said...

We are the products of our parents, aren't we?