Dec 2, 2007

The New Movie Revue

I'd like to start a new series of posts, to hear what y'all think about movies I'm watching these days. These will be the kind of posts where your comments are appreciated, even essential to the purpose, so please play along!

Tonight, Billy and I saw No Country For Old Men. It was incredibly intense, and I was exhausted by the film's end. I'll add more tomorrow, but for now -- has anyone else seen it? What did you think?


MeesheMama said...

I am not going to help the cause by saying that I saw the movie and what I thought of it. (A movie? HA! I didn't know those things still existed. Do they still play them on those big screens where people go out without their children and have evenings that do not include the Sesame Street soundtrack?)

But I do need to say that your new *Flikr* flashing image is cracking me up. I was watching to see little thumbs of cute Miranda, and all I see is naked*women. Flash-flash, flash-more and more little naked*women. Every time I think it's going to switch to something new, nope, another booty, more boobs. I'm laughing so hard.

Very tasteful :)

MeesheMama said...

OK, I think that seemed insensitive of me. I'm not mocking nude paintings or say they aren't fabulous or beautiful to look at, or celebratory of women's bodies. But most mommy-bloggers have only pictures of their children and pets on their *flikr*, and I was caught a little unexpectedly by first seeing cute Miranda at the airport then... You could imagine my urge to giggle.

(I looked at them on flikr. Did you pull them from the web or take pictures of them somewhere on your trip?)

maria said...

I'm not offended, and I knew you'd get it! It WAS funny, looking it up after reading your comment, and seeing them flashing up together. I think I need to increase the number of Miranda pics in ratio to the number of nudes, and she'll appear more often than those lovely, famous, but very naked ladies. Also, I can put all of them on my "I heart nudes" slideshow that's farther down in the sidebar, and take them off Flickr entirely. (And yes, most came off the web.)

Does it show that I did this redesign during a bout of insomnia???