Dec 29, 2007

You pumpkin-pie haircutted freak

Ok, I know this is a rude title for a post about your darling daughter's first haircut... but tell the truth, doesn't she look just a little bit like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber?

You be the judge!!!

No, she really looks darling. Here's how it went down.

We're not sure about this whole situation, but we'll be cool about it, for now.

Good call providing the lollipop, although things did get a little sticky.

It's difficult to get that look just right.

It's starting to look like a haircut!

Honey, I promise you'll like the free blowdry. Plus, it's always easier to have someone else style your hair for you.

Hanging in there.

The finished product! It's amazing how she's moving from toddler to little girl!
The first picture aside, her new haircut looks great.

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Countess said...

What a cutie. We're going to have to break down and cut William's hair soon. It's getting in his eyes.