Dec 11, 2007

We heart Boogies Bees

For about a year, we have been going to this great singing group at a branch library here in Lexington. The Village Branch is located adjacent to a growing hispanic neighborhood, has a completely bilingual staff, and is a major source of bilingual reading and spoken materials for that community. They conduct English as a Second Language classes, homework assistance, computer tutorials, and other great stuff.

Their children's librarian, Amy (pictured below in the black) has conducted a singing group called Bilingual Boogie Bees. They dance and play instruments, and sing songs in both English and Spanish. Here's an article that the local public channel wrote on Boogie Bees.

It's really great. It meets in the evening, so there are lots of fathers and mom-dad sets. It's pretty diverse: there are many native Spanish speakers (from Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, and Cuba), an Indian family from London, and lots of age diversity. We can't make it every week, but we love it when we're there. Here are some pics from last week's class.

Singing "5 little monkeys" and using shakers while they jump around. Miranda is is the foreground in a brown shirt and pink pants.

playing clean-up after the fun

playing ring-around-the-rosy with pals Sarianna and Meena

We all fall down!!

These are the sugar skulls we made last month to commemorate Dia de los Muertos. It was a great time, and I'm looking forward to explaining it all in more detail as Miranda gets older.


melinda said...

awesome! is this free?

maria said...

Yes, and it's so much fun. Joy and nLogan came once. It should start up again in January - -I will forward you the emial when they send it.