Nov 8, 2007

OTP (3): Day 1 -- Food for the Journey

I don't know if it's genuine, but this hot dog sure was good. I think the hot peppers added that extra touch.

I've always wanted to read this particular Louis L'Amour book. Back when I was riding horses, my dad used to come to the shows, always armed with at least one LL novel. One weekend, he arrived with this one, which he'd just purchased and was dying to read. My trainer Katchen swiped it from him and read the entire thing by Sunday. And at the next show, she had a new hunter with the showname Passin' Through. So, I figured it was about time I got in the loop.
I may have said this before, but I love airports, especially ones with interesting international travel. As I write this, I'm sharing a table with a family from somewhere in Southwest Asia, I think (India? Pakistan? Bangladesh?) . I don't understand a word they're saying, and it's kind of cool. I like seeing all the different airlines, and dream of flying on them someday. (What would it be like to fly on Royal Jordanian Airlines? I want to find out!) I passed the ticket counter for Taca Airlines, the official airline for El Salvador, which I flew when I went there in 1993. I like indulging in yummy junk food, or semi-junk food, like the hot dogs here, or the yummy green chili stew at the Denver Airport.
What don't I like about airports? Long security lines, which I've just realized there is at our terminal. Looks like I'd better wrap it up, get checked in, and get through the checkpoint. Next stop -- over the pond!

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melinda said...

Oh I'm so excited your back! Or gone...or whatever! My dad loves LL books. I've got a Flag Fork Farm coupon...we should have another birthday lunch this month after you get back. Looking forward to reading!