Nov 18, 2007

OTP (3), Days 9-11 -- Moonbark Lindisfarne Askew?

I spent the weekend at Hetton Hall, part of the Northumbria Community. My friends Pete and Catherine Askew are affiliated there, and we had a great weekend. We ate good food, read good books, and took a trip to Lindisfarne on Saturday afternoon. Amazing to say, I went to sleep at 8:15 on Friday night, and got out of bed at noon the next day. Decadent! Indulgent! Lazy! Delicious!

We also prayed the daily office, which is a rhythm of prayers that mark their days. They pray the Morning Office, Midday Prayers, Evening Prayers, and close the day with Compline. I didn't make all of them, but the ones I did attend were wonderfully soothing and calming.

We left today after lunch and drove down to York for dinner at Ye Olde Starre Inn, York's oldest pub (see left). We talked about marriage, parenthood, PAPAfest, and baby names. Catherine said something about naming their first child Moonbark Lindisfarne Askew (a perfect combination of their affections for both old and new monasticism, right?). I'm not sure she wasn't serious, hmmm... We had bangers and mash, pints of local beer, and apple pie with custard. Yummy! I then took the train to London, where I waited almost an hour in the rain to catch a bus, because the tube wasn't running the route I needed. A quick walk through Hackney to the Turners' home, a nice bath and cup of Earl Grey, and here I am, ready to come home tomorrow.

It's been a great trip. I was reading through the entries from last March's visit, and this has been much better in every way. I'll elaborate later; right now I should get to bed, early plane and all that.


Anonymous said...

York was one of my favorite places. It was sooooo cold, however, so I hope to return and see it again through eyes not watering from the wind! Apple pie w/ custard sounds divine. Love all the menus --you definitely are a Persons when you travel! Hope to share a meal w/ you in England again! Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and love that you and Billy are recording so many of her events (aka fits). Sometimes those books are the perfect way to get a good nap. Would love to just squeeze those little hands. Love Mom