Nov 21, 2007

Over The Pond (3) -- Overall assessment? The best trip yet

After a few days at home, things are starting to return to normal. I'm still tired, but nothing a large meal of turkey and gravy won't cure. Oh wait, all that tryptophan... umm, maybe the pumpkin pie or the green beans... nah, I'll be just as tired tomorrow because of all the good food we'll have at our annual all-Communality Thanksgiving dinner.

Looking back, this was definitely the best trip so far. I finally seem to have learned how to structure my time in the UK: some downtime in London at the beginning to get over the jet lag; a full work week in Durham, so that nothing is rushed; and a few days of relaxation at the end, traveling or catching up with friends. Staying in Durham from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon was great, and allowed for productive work sessions, numerous trips to the cathedral, and lots of time with friends old and new.

And not just the best trip so far, but the best trip out of 7 -- has it really been that many? That's pretty amazing, to me. It seems like I was just there for the first time, but that was actually in September 2003, over 4 years ago. Yowza.

Trip highlights: I think my previous posts have covered those pretty well. The whole trip was a highlight. And, of course, returning home to Miranda and Billy and John.

The trip anti-highlight was undoubtedly the fact that I didn't take any pictures while I was there. Next time, I'm packing the digital camera and vowing to use it.

Thanks to everyone who kept up with the journey and touched base. Stay tuned for volume 4, set to air in March 2008.

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